In 2021, people worldwide spent more than $87 billion on new bedding. The truth lies in the numbers, as studies show that although 2 in 3 Americans still use flat sheets, many are moving towards a comforter or blanket. On average, Americans use three pillows and 32% wash their sheets at least once a week. Experts reveal that almost 70% of Americans say that they don’t have time to change their sheets regularly, and many are simply not doing it enough.

Pillowcases and sheets should be washed every week, duvet covers every 2-4 weeks, blankets every 2-3 months and pillows every 4-6 months. Many reveal that they don’t believe in these suggestions, or didn’t know that they need to be washed so regularly. Believe it or not, however, reports show that people who change their sheets more often get better sleep. This fact alone leaves many wondering: Is it time to change my sheets?

If one is noticing yellowing, tearing, an odor, or just bad sleep at night, it may be time for a change. The material is important when choosing bedding, with the most common being linen, polyester, silk, or cotton. The quality and weave are other qualities to look at. The quality of cotton, for example, can be examined through its staple length, and if it was weaved percale, sateen, or twill. Other factors like thread count, ply, and color may also play a role in choosing the next best type of bedding. 

These matters are far from trivial, and the research exists to show that bedding can have a significant impact on sleep and therefore overall health of people across the globe.

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding