Few things can be more relaxing than spending time on your very own leisure boat. People have been using personal boats for recreation for thousands of years, and it’s easy to see why it’s still a popular activity. But of course, the boat itself is only the beginning of your rest and relaxation. 

The features you put on your boat will be even more important in helping to shape the experiences you have onboard. Here are a few of the best features you can include on your boat to make your time aboard even more enjoyable:

Compact Washing Machine

A small, portable washing machine that will quickly wash your clothes provides a convenient way for you to clean your clothing while on the water. 

You won’t have to return to the coast to do your laundry, making it possible to stay on the ocean or a lake for far longer than you would usually be able to. You can also get the dryer which is especially useful if you like to swim but don’t want to leave your clothing wet with seawater.

Waterproof Dry Sacks

Keeping your valuables and other essentials dry when you’re on the water can be difficult, especially if your leisure boat doesn’t have any indoor areas. A waterproof dry sack can solve this problem for you, providing you with a safe space that keeps the water out. Bags like this may seem like a simple product, but they can prove to be extremely valuable in a pinch, especially because they’re easy to find and come in various shapes and sizes.

Water Leak Detectors

Concerns and worries about leaks are far more common than leaks themselves on modern boats. While this may be true, investing in a water leak detector can be an easy way to assuage fears. 

You’re unlikely to sink because of a small leak, but it could easily cause a lot of costly damage. Use your detector to keep track of any small leaks before they become a more expensive problem. 

Cordless Margarita Makers 

Modern battery-powered food gadgets make it incredibly easy to enjoy a slice of luxury when you’re on the water. Cordless margarita makers will make it feel like you have a bartender onboard, and the best part? 

You’ll have perfectly refreshing drinks with no generators necessary. Cordless, handheld appliances like this work without using your main power supply, ensuring that you don’t have to divert power away from your boat’s essential functions.

Custom Mattresses

Sleeping at sea or on a lake can be a challenge, especially when dampness and mildew creep in so easily. You can try a custom luxury mattress with a HyPUR-Flo moisture protection to help with moisture build-up under your mattress. You can also consider custom-sized mattresses to fit in any odd corner you’re hoping to put a mattress in.

You’ve bought a leisure boat, so why not enjoy it? Spend the time to personalize your boat according to your needs and soon, it will be easy to spend days on the water.