A lot of individuals have been able to generate a significant amount of profit through their real estate investments—and you can be one of them. This can be especially true if you’re in New York, where the real estate industry is thriving. 

However, like any other venture, real estate is not a walk in the park. There are just as many stories about successful investments as there are of failed ones. It’s therefore important to be well-guided and well-informed before dipping your toes in property investment.

To avoid the pitfalls of real estate investment, here are some important tips you should consider as you purchase a new property:

1. Your Down Payment Amount

Buying a costly asset, such as a property, on an installment basis always requires a down payment. This is usually paid in cash. Luckily, the trend these days is that numerous realtors are lowering the down payment for properties to encourage more buyers to purchase houses. This makes it easier for everyone to have the opportunity of owning their very first home. The only catch is that shelling out a lower down payment amount means having a higher monthly mortgage with a higher interest as well.

When it comes to the down payment, it’s best if you can pay more than the minimum amount. This way, you’re going to be paying less for mortgages and less on interest as the time you spend paying for them will be cut shorter. 

2. Your Realtor

Buying a home is going to be cheaper without the help of a realtor, but this isn’t always the best way to go. Without a realtor, there would be no one to guide or assist you when processing your papers, or if ever you encounter any difficulties while doing so. This can be especially problematic if you’re not from Fayeteville, New York, as you won’t have the added blanket of protection you can get from a realtor.

If you’re still not convinced on the merits of having a realtor to help you out, keep in mind that you don’t have an obligation towards the realtor. It’s the seller who pays their fees. Hence, it’s a wise move to take advantage of having a professional by your side, from viewing possible houses to sealing the deal. To start your search for a reputable realtor, visit this website.

3. The Expenses For Its Upkeep

When you purchase a house, your responsibilities don’t only end upon the final signing of the contract. Similarly, your financial duties don’t end when you’ve paid the purchase price either. In fact, you still have a long way to go. There are inherent duties that you have to complete for the very reason that you own the house, and this refers to the overall upkeep.

As you assess your budget, you also have to estimate if the upkeep and maintenance of the property is something that you can afford with your monthly budget, especially if the property that you just purchased has yet to earn passive income. If your monthly budget or savings are going to suffer as a result of the property you purchased, then it’s best to choose another option instead.

4. The Real Condition Of The Property

When you purchase a property, it can be very tempting to take it right away for its face value. However, real estate experts recommend looking beyond the exterior of a building. The paint might look pristine, but this doesn’t mean that everything else in the house is in perfect condition. You may not be aware of it, but you might come face to face with problems that would mean costly repairs later on. This will only turn your property into a regrettable purchase.

Its best, therefore, to look through every room carefully. Check every nook and cranny, and don’t be deceived by the seemingly perfect paint on the walls. Be thorough in your examination and don’t rush. Give yourself a chance to always check everything meticulously. Not checking the home well enough is one of the most common mistakes committed by home buyers. Of course, you wouldn’t want this to happen to you.


Purchasing a brand-new property means that you’re going to be spending a whole lot of cash. This is hard-earned money that you can’t just afford to lose. This is why you’ve got to be extra prudent to avoid investments that will turn lemon in the long run. In New York, real estate investment is lucrative as it’s a desirable property location, but you also have to watch out for the factors mentioned above if you want your real estate purchase to be worthwhile. Keep these tips in mind as you slowly make your way towards the realization of your investment goals.