“I was with Jim for years, and people didn’t realize—they all think it’s just the marriage that was short, but we were together for a long time,” Holly said on Canada’s George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight 2013

George does have a last name that is slightly more long than his actual. Dumber and dumb costars’ 10-month marriage. You wouldn’t know the years, but you can see that Carrey was married for 10 months in 1993. His first marriage ended in 1995, and he then got engaged to Holly in 1996. It sounds like a whirlwind.

Films don’t come out immediately and divorcing can sometimes take at least two decades. Holly said, “I felt for Melissa but they were totally apart when Jim and me met.” Rolling Stone1995. Carrey felt lucky that Carrey was able to leave his life with his ex. At this moment, I am in another time zone. It was where we were when we met, and it is okay. It’s the right way.

“It was sort of when all the tabloids started happening,” Holly recalled the climate in which their relationship flamed and fizzled. “They find their voice and start watching ‘insiders’ programs, so they’d go to my highschool and do everything. At first, it was fun. But then, our entire life turned into a battle to keep them around. They would climb our fence, live in our backyard, take photos through our window, and even scale our neighbor’s fence.

George wanted to know if anyone ever put strange stuff in the trash for reporters to look at.

Holly smiled and said, “Yeah because I lived alongside Jim Carrey.” You can rest assured that this happened, and that…yesh!

She said that she had difficulty with the divorce process because “no one had the right story, and I felt like this.” Everybody knew my personal business—and not to mention the fact that I was going through a heartbreak… Now I understand the change, people becoming famous simply by attracting attention to their personal business, and that’s what they are most famous for.

Holly said that the talented people Holly admires are not part of her “aren’t that”.

We know that Carrey’s perception of fame is getting more complex with each passing year.