Marvel actress Evangeline Lilly The protestors at the anti-vaccine mandate rally held in Washington, D.C. over the weekend spoke up.

It Ant-ManThe star who had previously apologized for COVID-19’s “arrogant beliefs”, took to Instagram to post photos of the protest on Thursday Jan. 27. Lilly claims she attended the protest to support bodily sovereignty.

In the caption she stated that she believes no person should ever have to be forced into injecting their bodies with any substance, against their will. She then listed what she considers the possible consequences for not getting the vaccine.

Continued she, “This not the way.” This is unsafe. This is unhealthy. This isn’t love. “I understand that the world lives in fear. But I don’t think force can solve all our problems. 

Lilly shares two children. The HobbitActor Norman KaliHe added: “I was prochoice prior to COVID and am still prochoice today,” with the hashtag #medicalfreedom.