Cal confronts Nate then about Fez. But the whole situation backfires. Nate reveals the truth about Jules and the sex tape to Cal. He said, “Maybe, I was standing up for you.”

Rue has returned to her former ways as all this goes on. Elliot and she (Dominic FikeThey continue to get high and hang out, but keep it secret because of obvious reasons. Elliot is aware it’s wrong. Rue tells Elliot, “We may not bring out our best in each other.”

Rue responds, “I feel that I’m fine with it.”

Jules doesn’t like that at all and feels insecure about Rue. However, she doesn’t want to confess that yet. Instead she focuses her efforts on telling Maddy that Nate is better for her. 

Kat is lastBarbie FerreiraEthan is, according to all indications, in love (with ).Austin Abrams). They share adorable photos and kiss each other at school. The thing is, Kat is faking being into Ethan. It seems like she is missing the days of sexcam. 

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