Erika Jayne is not shy about “having a lot of sex” post-divorce.

Season 12 will premiere May 11, 2012. The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsBravo Star, Bravo! She shared juicy information about her life with husband after her split from him Tom Girardi.

A lunch date with costars Lisa RinnaLisa asked Erika about the bouquet and was told that she came from “Who is this flower?”

According to the singer of “Pretty Mess”, “There is a secret admirer.”

“Have they had any dates?” Erika answered, “No…I have had some sex.” Lisa inquired.

Lisa complimented Erika about her new, no strings-attached hookups. Erika said that Erika has “been married all my adult lives.”

Erika said, “I am back in the dating pool but I’m more interested in having real good sex and with nice people.” Maybe some less-sensible people.

You can do this later in a class for fitness. Garcelle BeauviasErika shared her story about the difficulties she faced after losing Tom.