It is a pain to break your bubble. Eric Dane Cal says Derek Shepherd is his love interest, not Cal.

In the latest episode of EuphoriaThe program aired on Sunday, January 24, and viewers were taken back by Cal to view it (Elias KacavasDerek, his high school friend and best friend.Henry Elkenberry). In the flashback, they are seen in their first romance with women. Then, they go to a gay club where they exchange a kiss. Cal learns Marcia is pregnant and all hopes of a romantic relationship end. 

Grey’s Anatomy fans were quick to speculate if Derek was a callback to Eric’s role opposite Patrick Dempsey in the Shonda Rhimes series. Patrick Shepherd was, after all.

But in an exclusive interview with CelebHomes News, Eric said it was “purely coincidence” that show writer Sam Levinson chose that specific name for young Cal’s love interest. So don’t expect a Grey’s Anatomy EuphoriaSoon, there will be a crossover event.