Enrique Iglesias can sing “I can be your hero baby” all he wants, because his long-time datee, tennis veteran Anna Kournikova, may’ve finally had enough of waiting around for him to propose. Some reports say that Anna’s ready to move on, while others say that she’s getting ready to. One thing’s certain, the two have been dating for an astonishing 12 years. You better be her hero, Enrique…….like……as soon as possible. On a side note, he moved into a 20,000 sq ft mansion off of Sabal Palm Rd.

Sabal Palm Rd is in Miami. Interesting enough, Iglesias’s new casa is close to his former home, which is in………Miami. The new place has personal parking that’s the size of a chunk of a Walmart parking lot, a lengthy swimming pool, and a personal tennis court. And oh yes, a dock area for boats.

Address: 4535 Sabal Palm Rd, Miami, FL 33137