Taylor said, “To be apart from them in the most crucial time when I need to their support was really difficult.” USA Today, adding that she cried at least once every day while in isolation. “With all [Nico’s]Disabilities, I had no idea how he’d be without me.”

Nico was born prematurely by emergency C-section and was then diagnosed with hearing loss and Down syndrome.

Taylor stated, “But… he’s managing it like a champ.” Taylor said, “He missed his mommy. He loves his daddy. He’s an amazing trooper. He is the best kid in the entire world.

The COVID-19 safety rules were strictly enforced while the family was isolated. Everything feels crumbling. Taylor said that you lose control. USA Today. You can’t open your doors. It is impossible to choose the food you want. It’s impossible to pick anything. “All your choices are taken from you.”

Taylor experienced brain fog after she was released from isolation. This is a COVID-19 common symptom. Yahoo! Sports it was “hard to even focus on bobsled,” adding, “I just couldn’t clear my head.”