Downton Abbey‘s Hugh BonnevilleHe is now ready to put down his bowler hat.

He was the Earl of Grantham’s actor in six of its seasons, as well as both the movies. The idea of appearing in another season of the popular show was a thrill to him. “My god, I hadn’t heard that one,” he told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about a potential revival. When asked about a possible revival, she replied, “But, I suspect, it would be, if there’s, it would have a restart.”

Hugh is well aware that period dramas are very popular. BridgertonHowever, he does not think that a Downton AbbeyThere is hope for revival. He thinks that an “origin story”, would be the best. 

Hugh stated that it was unlikely we’d ever be brought back to the film as cast members. It was so lovely to return for these films, but it’s unlikely that there would be another generation. Star WarsYou can spin all around the place.”