Steve Carell & Taraji P. Henson Dish on Minions: The Rise of Gru

Steve CarellHe has been the boss of many characters on television, both small- and big screen. But one iconic character fits the role much better than any other.

Reaction to the Minions hilarious parody The OfficeCarell made it clear in the opening credits that he believes his TV villain Gru is more popular than his film counterpart Michael Scott.

Carell said exclusively to CelebHomes News, “I believe Gru is more respected boss.” Daily Pop on the Gru’s Rise: Minions premiere red carpet. “I think Michael Scott would be thrilled to have his Minions, who just worship him.” 

His love for the funny yellow creatures keeps him coming back to the franchise, as the new film—which premieres July 1—marks his fifth outing as Gru since Despicable Me2010

He shared, “I love it,” I love the minions. “I love the character.”

Carell is a supervillain with a bald face. He laughed. “89 percent,” he joked. Taraji P. Henson also shares some similarities with her character, Belle Bottom—especially her funky fashion sense.