Do I Need an Agent to Sell My Home?

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There is a common misconception out there that you need an agent in order to properly sell your home. This is simply not true. There are a great many benefits to selling your house yourself that are constantly undervalued.

What are some of the benefits and how might you go about selling your home on your own? When is the right time for an agent? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything that you need to know before hitting the 2021 housing market

With or Without a Realtor?

If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, should you do it with or without a realtor? It’s a big question that begs being taken seriously.

Of course, there are many things a realtor or real estate agent can provide. They have experience and expertise and have likely successfully sold many homes just like yours before in the past.

If you truly have no idea where to start when it comes to selling your home, they might be a helpful hire. If you’re strapped on time and cannot fathom managing the sale of your home while juggling the rest of your life, a realtor also might be a smart choice.

However, if neither of the above describes your situation, you might find that selling your home on your own might be a better idea. How would you go about doing it? 

How to Sell Your House Yourself

It isn’t all too difficult to sell your home on your own. The biggest amount of work will occur before the sale even begins. This is when you’ll need to get online and research homes in your area and what the current asking price seems to be.

Doing plenty of research and landing on a realistic but satisfying asking price will be necessary if you want your sale-by-owner house to be a success.

You’ll want to clean up your home and stage it for an ideal presentation. That means getting rid of most of your personal items and sending them to storage for the time being. Take some photos or hire a professional photographer if you aren’t sure how.

There are plenty of places online you can set up your own listing. Wait for the calls to come in, show people through the home, and wait for a sale to happen! There’s plenty of more advice out there, you can check it out and get your home off the market in no time.

Benefits of Selling Your Own Home

Why skip the realtor and sell your home on your own? The most obvious point will be the money that will end up in your wallet instead of a realtor’s. If you handle all aspects of the sale without outside help, all the money from the sale will be yours.

If you bring on a realtor, they will take a percentage of the sale as their commission. This can add up to quite a large amount.

Of course, you might also want to skip a realtor to fully control your sale and ensure things proceed as you want them to.

Selling Your House Yourself

If you’re on the fence about hiring an agent or not, you might want to consider the many benefits of selling your house yourself. The above information can help you make a decision.

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