Long-time Yankee, Derek Jeter, has been praised year after year throughout his career with the team. And his praise will continue to be carried on, even after his retirement, which will take place after the 2014 season. After 19 years of serving as shortstop for the Yankees, Jeter has finally decided recently that it’s time to retire……..and finally retreat to his new Tampa monstrosity, which took 2 years to build. Back in 09′, he bought a piece of land for a whopping $7 mill in the Davis Island neighborhood. Sure, it’s for a home. But, one that a top highly paid MLB player can buy.

The Jeter mansion on Bahama Cir measures 30,875 sq ft. and dons a medieval exterior with light and dark shades of brick. Family and guests would be greeted with subtle foliage and two private entryways on opposite sides of the premises. The private ginormous abode has two 3 car garages on opposing ends of its front side and a kingly roman-inspired entrance to the house. Floor plan consists of 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. Jeter’s casa pretty much has everything that a person can want or need; trophy room, game room, long narrow swimming pool, BBQ area, private dock…..

Address: 58 Baffin Ave, Tampa FL 33606