Dennis Miller may not be as serious on TV. But when it boils down to him trying to get his house sold, you may see the Mr. Funny Man in a new perspective. He’s on his fourth attempt at selling his 19th century upper class residency in Santa Barbara. At first, Miller was expecting an exact $17.5 million. The price gradually tumbled down to $13.9 million. Dennis isn’t kidding around here, folks! However, you can still see him cracking jokes on “The O’Reilly Factor” and hear him on his radio show.

Miller’s fine prestigious colonial estate is no joke either. It measures 10,000 sq ft even and is a part of 3.76 acres. 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms can be found here, one of which being masterful in its own right. The home boasts southern-style hospitality via modern and classy indoor/outdoor touches. You have your long and tranquil front patio, romantic courtyard that’s outlined by extravagant foliage, royal dining room, library/study room, pool w/ water fountain, private tennis court, and a secondary residence! You just have to buy Dennis’s estate, you just have to.

Address: 1735 Glen Oaks Dr, Santa Barbara CA 93108