“Spice Up Your Life” is what Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) continued to vocally sing, ever since after parting ways with her former fellow late 90’s pop comrades. She was a judge on “American Idol,” got involved in other TV projects, and is a fashion designer. Posh has been doing well, especially since she’s married to the notorious pro soccer player, David Beckham. With their incomes intertwined, the Beckhams are worth about $160 million. So Poshy! In speaking of millions, David and wife managed to sell their renovated 7 bedroom Hertfordshire mansion for $19 million. They bought it for $2.5 mill back in 99′. What…….a………profit!

Just by looking at the 1930 17-acre property that the luxurious piece of architecture rests on, you can hear it shouting “Million Dollar Baby.” The UK expanse has everything that adults and their kids could want in a home and outside of it: pool, golf course, personal playground, personal gym…….There’s also a recording studio on-site which can easily be turned into an office. Additionally, the property has a chapel! Oh yes, and a helipad and security system as well.

Address: Unknown