Though numerous people had spoken out about Lori and her relationship with Daybell, Morrison thinks a combination of factors helped her evade suspicion.

“[Charles was a] big guy, looks like he can handle himself in any situation and he’s talking about this very charming, very attractive, very sympathetic figure, who has managed to pull the wool over lots of people’s eyes in the past,” he reflected. “She’s incredibly good at manipulating situations to her advantage.”

It’s unclear if Lori will ever face trial for the death of Charles, or her two children, Joshua “JJ” Vallow, 7, andTylee Ryan16-year-old whose remains were discovered buried in Daybell’s yard in June 2020. CelebHomes News previously reported she was deemed mentally unfit to stand trial in May. 

Daybell’s wife was Daybell Tammy Daybell, was found dead before he married Lori, continues to await his day in court, with Morrison saying that he is “apparently not interested in any plea deal. Even if the trial leads to death, he intends to continue with his case. Daybell has pleaded not guilty for all the charges.