Current Trends in Window Treatments

Although window treatments may not be the real thing when it comes to home décor, a closer look at your interior design pictures show you how curtain blinds are more appealing than you thought. Sheer styles are commonly used to create movements in a simple room while velvet panels enhance depth and texture.

There’s no one who doesn’t love living in a cool and stylish home. That’s the reason why people are constantly looking for ways to make their homes look more fashionable. Window treatments have become a major focus for most homeowners.

However, window treatments are not the same. They often come in different sizes and styles and depending on the atmosphere of your room, you are bound to find something that will work better for you.

If you are looking for privacy and a way to control light in your room, you can take inspiration from celebrities like this one from Angelina Jolie and then check out this latest trends in window treatments:

1.    Floor-to-floor curtains

Floor-to-floor curtain panels create extra space by elongating the walls. This makes your room appear stylish and modern in many ways. Imagine your curtain as a piece of wall art. You can choose from different colors and designs available in the market. The way you install curtains also matters although some of them come with instructions on how to install.

Small curtains may appear like an afterthought whereas oversized ones can be used to make a statement. They are also perfect for sliding glass doors. It is always good to consider the size of your room before opting for this type of curtains.

2.    Roman and roller shades

“Clean and simple” is becoming one of the biggest trends in window treatments. Conventional items like shutters and Roman shades are commonly used by many people. This is probably because they are readily available in a wide range of colors and transparencies.

As far as color is concerned, brown has remained the favorite for window treatments. Soft green, blue, gray, lavender, and berries are also common.

Roman shades on the other hand are classic with clean lines commonly used for modern interiors. They are perfect for allowing in light, especially the bottom down and top up Roman shades. Roman rollers have also gained popularity because of their ability to blend in with many designs.

3.    Shutters and blinds

Plantation shutters bring about character and elegance. Above all, they are simple to operate compared to most designs. Other than faux and wood plantation shutters, there are several other options such as moisture resistance and color control that you can choose from. Nonetheless, wood shutters are not preferable in areas that have high moisture levels.

Blinds also come in a wide range of materials and styles like wood, vinyl, and faux wood with stamped colors that appear like real wood. Blinds can either be vertical or horizontal. It is up to you to select a design that best suits your needs.

4.    Hardware

There’s no doubt that window treatments are important but the hardware used can also enhance the design in different ways. The metal hardware has become a popular trend because they give a simple and more streamlined appearance to the treatment.

The type of hardware you chose will basically determine the design of window treatments you are installing. Luckily, there are several options you can choose from to create any designs you like.

5.    Technology

Window treatments have also been influenced by technological advancement. Imagine sitting on your couch and using a remote to open or close your blinds.

Motorization and high-tech touches are increasingly becoming popular because of their safety and convenience. Although some of these technologies are expensive, they are worth it for anyone who loves style and class.