Billie Eilish‘s headlining performance at Coachella 2022 was one for the books.

Grammy winner, the artist was on hand to perform at the festival’s April 16th. There was also a bit of imposter syndrome.

“I shouldn’t be leading this s—t!” Multiple reports claim that Billie (20 years old) told the crowd. But I am so grateful to be here, and you all are here. It’s a true dream.

During her set, Billie performed songs such as “when the party’s over,” “everything i wanted” and “Happier Than Ever.” She also brought out two surprise guests—she and KhalidThey performed “lovely” during the performance Blur, Gorillaz The Queen and her Bad Side. Frontman Damon AlbarnShe performed with “Getting Older” as well as a cover version of “Feel Good Inc” by the Gorillaz.

Billie ended her set by saying, “Thank you Coachella! Sorry, I can’t. Beyoncé. You are my best friend, and I wish you a good night.

Billie has performed before at Coachella 2019 as part of her When we All Fall Asleep Tour. She headlined this year’s second day as the headlining act, and was also the festival’s first ever female performer. youngest headlinerThe festival has had a rich history.