Oscar winner Christopher Plummer has practically hundreds of film and TV credits. So, he eventually decided to reward himself with a peaceful and isolated 7,739 sq ft oceanfront. In addition to acting, Christopher Plummer’s a theater actor and film producer. Like throughout his career in TV and cinema, he continues to work consistently. Plummer will be part of great cast in upcoming drama Danny Collins, thriller Remember, and animated films Pixies and Reds and Grays. Plummer’s hands may be tied in the foretold future, but no longer with his oceanfront expanse.

The massive forbidden two-story Connecticut residency was passed down, and has been passed onto another. The home sold for $11.2 million within the last week of January of this year. The new lucky owner(s) get to enjoy large, comfortable, and luxurious living within the home itself. But, they must not forget the full views of the ocean that the house hugs tightly.

Address: 209 Long Neck Point Rd, Darien CT 06820