Chrissy TeigenAppears to be willing to do it again in order to increase her family.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, the model turned cookbook author posted a photo that showcased IVF injectable medication typically given for egg retrievals, implying that she and husband John Legend hope to have another baby following the loss of their third child more than a year ago. She also wrote “here’s the picture again” and added an animated egg to respond to the animation of a crying baby.

Chrissy, 36 years old, announced on social media, September 2020 that her son had died. Jack in the middle of her pregnancy. While John and she had had their daughter, she had naturally become pregnant with John. Luna5. and son Miles3. With IVF treatments.

Chrissy shared a photo of her reflection on Instagram with the following words: “I love being pregnant, soo much. And I’m sad that I never will again.”