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Chloe CherryCelebHomes News was contacted by a woman named ‘Vice Lip Bond’ of Urban Decay. Angus Cloud  Maude Aptow filmed a truly heartbreaking scene in which her character Faye realized that Fez was dating Lexi. Faye, who was still interested in Fez’s company, was devastated by this.

Chloe stated, “It was also one of the most memorable days in my life.” It was amazing because Sam [Levinson]He was all, “Hey! Do you think you could cry for my?” “I was like, “Hey, do you think maybe you can cry for me?”

This was Chloe’s first TV role, and she wasn’t sure she would be able to pull off the part. It was the day she found herself able to cry, which surprised her. “So that was why I was like, I really want it to be on this show.”

Chloe doesn’t seem too upset by the cut scene. Chloe is just happy to have been part of Emmy-nominated actors. “I have been extremely, exceedingly surprised at how many people are able to recognize me.” [Faye]She shared that she was pleased with the response. “I was unsure if anyone would actually notice my character since there is Maddy, Cassie and so many people are obsessed with Cassie.”