An amiable man.

Cheyenne JacksonHis career is a blur of television, films and Broadway. But, he has made a name for himself as a father.

CelebHomes News stopped the 46-year old actor. Daily PopOn Tuesday, Nov. 30, he will talk about his latest film A Clüsterfünke Christmas but he couldn’t help but gush over his two children—five-year-old twins WillowAnd Ethan—who he shares with his husband Jason Landau

Jackson stated, “They’re amazing.” Daily PopHosting Morgan StewartAnd Justin Sylvester. We never forget about them. They are dropped off at school. I then park in the lot to look at photos of them. “I just dropped them off!”

He then remembered one of Willow’s recent landmarks, which was learning about what “gay” meant. 

“She’s like, ‘You’re gay,’ and I said, ‘Yeah!'” Jackson laughed. “But she heard it somewhere and she was making the connection. It’s Daddy and Dada.