Cheryl BurkeShe may just be about to give up dancing. 

The Dancing With The Stars pro opened up about how being pregnant in the future could affect her participation on the dance competition show. 

“If you do another season Dancing with the Stars, I just need to do it,” she shared on latest episode of the Allison Interviews podcast. “When it comes time, whether or not this season will be my final, I do not know. If not, then I will eat my brain with these thoughts.”

The 38-year-old continued, “I would prefer not to have to put myself in a dance costume and just let myself gain weight. It is my belief that I will love my body more if I don’t have the chore of putting my legs in a dance outfit. It is currently on hold.

While her future on the show is unknown, Cheryl knows one thing is clear: Her life’s purpose, as she put it, “is not to teach celebrities how to dance.”