Harris addressed the judge directly and said that he hoped the court would “see me as the human being I am, not someone who has committed horrible crimes.”

He said people have “unfairly judged for most of my life” but acknowledged that, in this situation, “their anger and judgement are deserved.”

His time in prison since September 2020’s arrest was a period of self-discovery and reflection. Much of this has been very painful. However, my journey is far from over. It is not over. I still have much to offer and atone. Please accept my request that you see me as the real person and not only someone who has selfishly hurt others.

Harris’ lawyers added in a statement to CelebHomes News that they are grateful that the judge recognized his “humanity, worthiness [and]Rehabilitative potential.” Following his 12 years in prison, Harris will face eight years of court-supervised release, the U.S. Attorney’s Office told CelebHomes News.