Carlos Slim Helu’s 20,000-square-foot Beaux-Arts townhouse in Manhattan costs $80 million.

Built in 1901, the home is a showpiece of the Beaux-Arts era.  Has panoramic views of  Fifth Avenue.   This townhous has 25-rooms and has 11 fireplaces made out of marble.  There are wood floors everywhere.    The mansion also features several outstanding terraces, including one that overlooks the front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Considering all of the history, design and artwork contained in the Benjamin N. and Sarah Duke House, it is a fitting neighbor for one of the world’s premiere art houses.

The lower floors of the facade are articulated limestone and boast an entrance that is charmingly capped with a wrought-iron marquee. The upper floors of the house are clad in brick and are lavishly adorned with limestone elements and accented with curvilinear bays.

There are five stories to the home,  and is punctuated by vast windowed landings .  The top floors of the house also incorporate a dramatic skylight and are accessed by a separate staircase.