Cranston’s beach house is a beachfront lot could accommodate a house of 2,450 square feet, with three bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a multipurpose loft. The home uses titanium panels on the exteriors. There are solar panels on the roof to produce more energy than it uses, sending it back into the grid. Energy-efficient appliances and building materials are included. There are ceiling fans powered by solar energy to help cool things down, and cutting-edge insulation materials and systems keep the temperature at the desired level, so a traditional HVAC system is not necessary.
This Passive House design is the very first of its kind through its architecture, engineering, construction and design for an eco-friendly place to live in. Photovoltaic and water heating solar panels, radiant heated floors, SIPs wall systems, rain water collection, recycled materials, LED lighting, no VOC paints and stains and Energy Star appliances, are just a few of the ecologically responsible elements that make up this amazing home.