Guess who owns this pad? And don’t look at the picture showing a kitchen with a “spring st” sign decoration. Alright, another hint. Yippie ki yay……..well………you know the rest. Bruce Willis has two homes in New York and another in a different part in California. You’d imagine, with the dough he’s been reeling in for exceptional success in Hollywood. Willis historically got paid $3 million at least for a movie (The Bonfire of the Vanities) and $25 million at most (Live Free or Die Hard). One thing’s certain that the buck won’t stop there.

Bruce has just listed one of his Die Hard casas for sale. He’s expecting to net a whopping $22 million. Lets see what this house is all about. For starters, the pad is a 5 bedroom and 3 bath, with 6 extra bedrooms. The house is 10,379 sq ft and was built in 1928. The premises is secure with walls and a gate. Garage seems as though you can have a mini car sale! The house is equipped with a personal tennis court. The front of the house seems fit for a wedding, with the lengthy elegant walkway and beautifully-maintained grass. There’s also a front patio for alternative seating (for ginormous parties). You’ll find yourself in a nicely furnished hallway (a table with two red-striped chairs on opposite ends of the table) after walking through the main glass wooden door. 

As you navigate your way deeper into the mini mansion of awesomeness, you may find yourself in a fairly sized courtyard. In the middle lies an antique-looking fountain, yet it compliments the overall look and feel of the courtyard. There are two kitchen areas on site, a main and basic. The main kitchen is equipped with two sets of stovetops and two ovens (all conjoined into one piece) with a restaurant-style vent placed above the cooking section. Basic kitchen serves as a secondary dining area. Both kitchens come with a long rectangular table with sinks installed and protruding in the middle and are designed in a way where one end next to the sink serves as a table for three. How cool is that! 

Accompanying the kitchens are two living rooms. One is larger and positively sophisticated with decorated flooring and a fireplace. The second one gives off a classy feel, classy enough for the Dos Equis guy to film a commercial there! It seems fit for having the guys over for a night of beer and cards, or studying while having a glass of red wine. When not cooking, reading, or roaming around the house (and possibly getting lost), you may want to visit the larger-than-clubhouse pool area and take a dip in the lengthy, but considerably wide, rectangular pool. Great for having a Project X pool party! 

Overall, Willis residence has a modern look with a hint of classic. There’s a vast number of schools, LA and Sunset Blvd are fairly close by, and the halls reek of badassery. What more could you want!

Price Paid: $9 Million Dollars (June 2004)

Price For Sale: $22 Million Dollars (May 2013)

Home Address: 1005 Benedict Canyon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (Los Angeles – California)