Numerous NBA and WNBA players have asked for her release throughout her time in prison. Cherelle clarified that her closest friends are pushing forward in every way they can.

Cherelle explained that everything about this was a calculated decision for her. She must balance harm against help in order to protect my wife. While I love to support her and press for all our governments to do the right thing, I have to remember that my actions could also cause harm to her.

Although Cherelle said she was initially told to “stay quiet,” that’s simply not an option for her.

Cherelle said, “I did that, and respectfully, it’s over 140 days now, so that doesn’t work,” Cherelle added. So, I won’t be silent anymore. I will find that balance of harm versus help in pushing our government to do everything that’s possible because being quiet—they are not moving, they are not doing anything. We have to support my wife who is suffering.