You can find Cruz at the gym, even if she isn’t with Cruz on Bravo. She recently partnered with Jenny Craig in an effort to shed her baby weight—something that hasn’t been easy for several reasons. 

It is hard to get judged, because it feels like many people have grown to see me as a small skinny stick like I did when I was young. Vanderpump Rules,” Brittany explained. “My body just did this amazing thing, created a human being and he’s absolutely wonderful. However, my postpartum weightloss journey is not the same as my cast friends and all, and so, although I feel more confident, it has been a tough decision.

Brittany also stated that she had “the quarantine 19” before becoming pregnant. 

She added that she was extremely sick during my first pregnancy. However, it also meant that I retained lots of water, gained weight, and became very sick. “I tried and tried and tried to lose weight, but it never happened the way I wanted. Jenny Craig has partnered with me for this program. I’ve been with Jenny Craig only one week, and already have lost seven pounds.