During the interview, Jamie Lynn said she “couldn’t speak” to Britney’s current state of mind but feels she has been her “sister’s biggest supporter.” Jamie Lynn also said, “Once that I realized she was in a conservatorship I felt like it wasn’t something I wanted to do.” [of]It continued until she left conservatorship. There was nothing like me supervising funds or anything like that. If it were, it was an error, but I didn’t take steps to participate in that.”

Britney is currently in the process of planning her wedding. Sam AsghariShe said she would be staying away from Instagram for awhile because of the “media and this business”, which “always have been extremely hateful toward me.”  

She ended her Twitter note by saying that the “lesson learned from all this” is to not “trust people or anyone.” Britney observed, “Make your cats and dogs your friends and care for your damn self.” 

CelebHomes News reached Jamie Lynn to request comment.