The Bridgerton spin-off found its diamond?

Actress Connie Jenkins-Greig will be waltzing into the role of Violet Ledger in the upcoming BridgertonCelebHomes News learns that it is a spin-off. It’s not just any young woman named Violet. Connie is playing the younger version of Violet Bridgerton, who goes on to welcome eight kids with Viscount Edmund Bridgerton (Rupert Evans). Bridgerton’s matriarch, Bridgerton, was made alive by Ruth Gemmell in the OG Netflix period drama.

We can now expect Young Violet to tell us about her family’s past. Well, we’ll definitely meet her parents, Lord and Lady Ledger, who will be played by Keir CharlesAnd Katie Brayben, respectively. 

She’s also yet to fall in love with Lord Bridgerton, as Deadline described her character as a “kind and inquisitive teenager” who hasn’t entered “the marriage mart” in the new show.

Connie is joining India AmarteifioThe spin-off’s main character is Young Queen Charlotte. According to show description, the limited series “will tell the story of how Queen Elizabeth’s marriage with King George ignited both a great story and a social shift,” “creating the Ton world inherited by characters in.” Bridgerton.”