Damon has his turn on the table and gets emotional when he nearly orgasms as Erika lightly touches him. His eyes roll back in his heads when Erika lightly touches his chest hair. Damon cries and says, “Oh my god, what just happened?”

Meanwhile, Rama becomes King Rama in his and Felicita’s quest for sexual excitement and Felicitas learns how to give positive feedback so King Rama feels comfortable being naughty. They do some breathing and aerobics exercises blindfolded and then play the role of King and servant. 

Jaya and her partner then perform a demonstration that is clearly NSFW but can’t be described. Damon could only respond, “Well… s–t.”

This episode is definitely a little more saucy and will certainly cause some nervous giggles. But it’s also a reminder that you can be uncomfortable in the privacy of your home.