Chris Pratt Says “ciao” when he meets an animated character from Italy.

Alcon Entertainment and Sony Pictures announced on Nov. 1 that Pratt would be playing Garfield in an upcoming movie based upon the famous kitty comic strip.

The creator of the comic series. Jim DavisAlcon’s will also serve as executive producers on the project. Bridget McMeel. The new Garfield movie was written by Finding Nemo David Reynoldsand will be directed at Emperor’s New Groove Filmmaker Mark Dindal.

Though the rest of the cast and filming dates have not been announced yet, we are ready to indulge in a tray of lasagna in honor of the original grumpy cat.

Chris Pratt posted a picture of Garfield on Instagram on Nov. 1 to announce the news. The caption read, “Well this Monday does’t suck …” And do you know what?” He’s correct. 

This news comes after Nintendo announced last month that Pratt will be voicing Mario in an upcoming Super Mario Bros. film alongside Charlie DayAnd Anya Taylor-Joy. What does this mean for us all? Well, we will soon be living in a world where Mario and Garfield have the same voice. Mamma Mia!