Brad Pitt is changing his tune.

Emmy-winning producer of music, Emmy winner Michael Jackson has joined forces with the actor at 57 years old Damien Quintard to reopen Miraval Studios—the legendary recording facility located at Château Miraval in Correns, France, that has hosted sessions for Pink Floyd, Sting and the Cranberries—after a complete redesign.

The music studio, which was built in 1977 by Château Miraval’s then-owner Jacques LoussierThe space was largely unoccupied for over 20 years until Pitt and Quintard renovated it for musicians who wanted to make new recordings.

Quintard claimed that he and Pitt “immediately connected” after their Paris meeting.

“It’s an intense moment when we talked and discussed sound,” he said. He was so sensitive and exact in his musical analysis, I was astonished.

The updated studio will feature much of its original recording equipment integrated into a modern setting—including a desk personally designed by Pitt and Quintard. The studio will include multiple sound and video editing stations as well as recording booths. There is also a mezzanine that overlooks the whole space.