Botched docs Terry Dubrow Paul Nassif know how to leave viewers AndStitches for patients 

In between performing life-altering surgeries, the pair always make time to poke fun at one another. CelebHomes is happy to confirm that they will continue this tradition. BotchedThe eighth season has been renewed

Drs. Drs. They were both wearing scrubs, and they worked hard, but took time for a few jokes at each other’s expense. 

According to Dr. Dubrow, his followers thought that he gave Paul too much trouble. I apologize to them all.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nassif hit his stride. BotchedHis looks are his co-star. He stated, “We’re going to have great new patients. Incredible surgeries.” “And a lot less bromance, of course with me, the more beautiful one out of them both.”