Whether or not you’ve seen AMC’s hit TV series, “Breaking Bad,” one who goes by the name “Saul” is not one to mess with. The show’s criminal (and dirty) lawyer, Saul Goodman, is set to have his own show, “Better Call Saul,” which premiers this February the 8th. And, what better way for actor Bob Odenkirk, or Saul, to celebrate early than lay down $3.3 mill on a 5 bed and 5 bath in the Hills. And boy, does it shout “I’m a lawyer!”

The amount of living space (2,827 sq ft) speaks volumes, with spacious bedrooms, living/entertainment room, and other comfy areas. What’s really spacious, though, is the backyard. The backyard contains various seating arrangements by the poolside and on the outskirts of the backyard itself. We think that Saul is impressed with this place, knowing that he practically lives in a significantly smaller pad; his office.

Address: Unknown