Betty WhiteHer memory is preserved through many television shows and movies, though she has passed away.

A statement was issued by an agent on Friday for the actress, who is 99 years old. 

Her agent stated, “Even though Betty was almost 100 years old, I believed she would live forever.” Jeff WitjasTelled People. I will miss Betty terribly, as will all the animals that she loved. Betty didn’t fear her death, she just wanted to be with Allen Ludden. “She believed she’d be back with him.”

The beloved star got her start in Hollywood as a radio actress before nabbing roles on game shows and films. Later in her career, a 28-year-old Betty became the lead actress in the syndicated series Elizabeth: Life with Elizabeth, which she produced and starred in for three years.

She went on to host her own daily talk show, Betty White Show, for a number of years, while making the occasional appearance on Today  The Tonight Show.

White, however, is known by younger generations as Rose from Rose. Golden Girls. Betty was the last living star of the beloved series: Rue McClanahanA stroke caused death at the age of 76, in 2010. Bea Arthur Passed away at age 86 due to complications from cancer. Estelle Getty(2008).