Chilly fresh air brings with it the warm, cozy scents of winter. Scents like bonfires, s’mores, and fallen leaves bring to mind the beauty of the season. This year, you can update the scent profile in your home with a blend of classic and modern fragrances that welcome the new season. Begin your search for the perfect addition to your home with time-honored scents that everyone loves.


Classic Winter Scents


Cinnamon and spice are two of the most popular scents in the winter. Classic cinnamon is warm and can create the perfect atmosphere for family gatherings and evenings spent with loved ones by the fire. Other classic scents include peppermint, a crowd-pleasing fragrance that is perfect for both fall and winter and apple. For a subtle scent that won’t overwhelm you, choose a diffuser in a warm, sweet scent like spiced apple or cinnamon for your winter decor.


Updated Favorites


Pumpkin spice, a favorite flavor, is also an option if you want the classic scent of warm spices with a modern twist. This candle has the fruity addition of pumpkin with a background blend of cloves, cinnamon, and allspice. If you are looking for something a little brighter, try a woodland scent that combines the brisk, fresh scent of pines and cedars with peppermint and eucalyptus.


Modern scents are available in a variety of options, including fragrance blends created with natural essential oils. For spaces where candles aren’t an option, choose wax melts, diffusers or room sprays. Wax melts are available in a variety of scents and shapes. Look for a seasonal wax burner to use with your melts to create a wonderfully scented display to use year after year.


Try Something New


Warm scents are always an excellent choice for winter. This year, opt for the mellow fragrances of tobacco paired with patchouli or switch to something with Mediterranean flair by switching from classic orange and apple to fig. Fig is a traditional cold-weather fruit that has a warmer scent than other fruits.


To give your home the smell of freshly baked cookies, scents like sugar cookies, gingerbread, and coconut cream are all options to choose from. Look for fragrances that your family loved to bring everyone together after a long day in the cold weather. If you aren’t sure which scent to choose, try the following tips to find the right option for your personal tastes.


How to Choose the Right Scent


Choosing a fragrance for your home is often as simple as choosing a scent that you know you love. For instance, if you know you love the scent of fresh pine, choose candles that have pine as a base fragrance. Read through the description offered on the website you are using to purchase your candles to find more information on which scents are combined to create each unique fragrance.


Often, you can easily find something that you love by opting for scents that you are already familiar with. You can also check reviews for scents if you are interested in trying something new this winter.