Your kids’ childhood years will stay with them, and you, forever. Finding ways to cram the best memories into 18-21 short years can be overwhelming at times, right? 

It all starts at home; after all, that’s where the heart is. Why not take some time and turn their rooms into a magical yet practical place to create lifelong memories to treasure? 

With a few handy hints, it’ll not only be their safe-place but easy to maintain for mom as well. We share five easy tips to help you make the kid’s room a fantastic place they’ll remember forever.

Nothing Beats a Good Night’s Rest

Step one is the most basic of all. Invest in good quality beds and mattresses that’ll help your kids develop well while sleeping. 

Rooms Are for Sleeping, After All

There’s an array of good orthopedic mattresses available to help your kids get their growing bodies’ best rest. Many experts are available to advise you on websites and blogs, and you can check out this one from SheKnows to let the expert team help you choose the right fit.

Adequate investment in the right mattress will last for years, and this is the one element where we encourage parents not to put price before quality. 

Take it up a Notch

Now that you’ve invested in their health and development, let’s create some space to grow their minds. 

When we say take it up a notch, we’re talking about physically lifting everything you can off the floor to create space.

The higher the bed, the more space for playing, packing, and organizing everything else. With a small budget, you can easily create a designer feel to your kid’s room by building wooden shelves and drawers underneath the beds.

You can lift the bed even higher and fix it against the wall, or let it float with ropes from the roof. If the bed’s foundation is on the floor space, you can easily fit a study nook beneath it. 

Get creative and have fun while planning and building. It’s a beautiful project for the entire family.

Color Outside the Lines

Children go through stages. Your painting budget shouldn’t have to. The wonderful thing about children’s rooms is that creativity has no limits. One of the fastest ways to jazz up a room is with a fresh coat of paint. 

Don’t be scared to experiment either; paint every wall a different color, or divide the wall into blocks of different tones. Patterns or silhouettes in various shades can quickly become a focus wall that brings life and fun to a room. 

If your kids are younger, consider painting one wall with chalk paint. It can become the perfect canvass for their artsy days and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, ready for their next bout of expressionism. It can always double-up as a scheduler when they reach the teenage years.

Shelve It

Staying in-line with our philosophy of ‘keep it in the air,’ you can transform an entire wall into box-shelving of different shapes and sizes. You can change old cupboards and combine it with handmade wooden shelves and create a young and wonderfully functional feature wall. 

When the kids are toddlers, you can never have too much packing space for all the toys they accumulate. When they grow into their teenage years, the toys go to the attic, and the shelves are filled with books, movies, and friends’ pictures. 

Shelves and old wooden cupboards never grow out of fashion, as long as you’re willing to let the kids paint it as they grow older it’ll be a permanent fixture in the room for many years.

The wonderful thing about wood is that you can repaint it again and again and every coat gives it more character. By the time the kids are off to college, you’ll have a retro art piece already installed for the new spare room.

Bunk it Up

Your kids are going to ask for sleep-overs at some point if they haven’t already. Bunk beds are an excellent investment for any home. It’s not only handy for the sleep-over parties to come, but are perfect when the kids have to share a room when the inlaws come to visit.

With creative designing ideas, you can turn the bottom bunk-bed into a couch for the in-between days—the perfect chilling spot for reading or daydreaming. 

If you have a handy-man in the family, why not try and create a theme around the beds? A jungle-gym, or tree-house, can be made entirely around the beds as the center-piece. Let the kids help design and build the theme of their room. It’s a great DIY family project, and the children will feel proud to have been a part of it. Don’t just decorate a room, make memories.

A Few Last Words

When it comes to interior decorating, the only limits you have are in your mind. There’s no better way to bond as a family than to take on creative projects together.

The secret is giving the kids the freedom to express themselves and where better to do that than in their private sanctuary; their bedrooms.

So mom and dad, please take a deep breath and enjoy this journey as you create the kid’s dream wonderland with them.