Life is usually good when you’re a retired sports icon. Of course, it can be bad. Former San Francisco Giants slugger, Barry Bonds, has been trying to hit a homer with his 17,100 sq ft Beverly Hills monstrosity since the house’s first listing in January of this year. Now, he’s up at the plate once again to take another swing at selling the massive 7 bed and 13 bath floor plan. Bonds’s first swing was aimed for $25 million. The current asking price is exactly $1.5 million less. Lets see what’s loaded in Bonds’s estate. First, lets stop with the baseball metaphors.

The exterior reeks of wealth and noble stature. It looks as though the two-story place is fit for a king and queen. And boy, would the new owner(s) of Barry’s home be in for treat. More like treats, actually. The 1.85 acre property envelops the home (and four door garage) nicely with foliage, lush lawns, and trees. The interior of the palace brags high ceilings, simple classy dining, formal dining, nice variety of flooring, big office room, and balcony views. Oh yes, and there’s a very own personal tennis court, pool w/ pool house, full gym, and a movie theater that comes with a bar area.

Address: 44 Beverly Park Cir, Beverly Hills CA 90210