Bachelor Nation offers only one chance for a first impression. 

If Bachelorette host Jesse Palmer teased that season 19 featured some incredibly outlandish limo entrances, we knew we were in store for some surprises on the July 11 premiere episode, especially with the most contestants in franchise history fighting for Gabby WindeyAnd Rachel Recchia‘s attention. 

But, we were not quite ready. James, a self-proclaimed “meatball enthusiast,” who exited the limo with the biggest meatball sandwich known to mankind (we have plenty of questions about how exactly the sandwich fit in the limo, but those will have to wait) or LoganShe had two chicks, named “Baby Chicks” Mary BethAnd AlejandraIn his hands. There are two bachelorettes and one chick. Get it?

It wouldn’t, of course. Bachelorette without a few renegades who decided to forego the limo altogether!

General contractor TinoThe driver of the forklift that drove him into the residence. We were a little surprised that he was so quick to grab Rachel’s first impression rose. Mortgage broker, not to be outdone JacobHe rode on horseback shirtless, looking as if he was reading a romantic novel.