A new romance is blossoming between Tyler CameronAnd Paige Lorenze.

Bachelorette alum and Paige are dating, multiple sources confirmed to CelebHomes News. An insider close to Tyler said the two “have been seeing each other for a month.”

Based on Page 6Paige and Tyler were seen together at the Surf Lodge, Montauk in New York on the Fourth-of July weekend.

According to her Instagram account, the 24-year-old model is the founder of Dairy Boy. Armie Hammer.

Paige and Tyler’s marriage comes nearly one year after Tyler was confirmed by CelebHomes News from a different source. Camila KendraThey had broken up eight months after being together for eight months.

The second source claimed that the split was mutual. He also said “distance played an important factor” in August 2021. Tyler had been travelling for work obligations, which made it hard to keep the relationship together.

CelebHomes News received a statement from Camila stating that she ended their relationship so that Camila could focus her career as a fashion model.