This is not only for the screen. Mindy’s style explorations have given Park a greater appreciation of the entire fashion industry. 

Ashley explained that “This program has motivated me to explore the history and power fashion, as well a stabilized me in fashion sense as Mindy does so beautifully.” This is an amazing opportunity.

Park recently partnered with the Starbucks Coffee Break-away campaign, which urges people to be more present with the one that matter most.

Park stated that a new study found that 34% of people have difficulty being present in daily life and that they are more likely to experience difficulties with close loved ones. This is an important issue we should all be aware of, Park added.

Park ensured that she had some of her most favorite snacks on-hand when filming the series.

According to her, “I was sure to have Nitro Cold Brew ready at Starbucks when I arrived in Paris for filming.” If I feel homesick, Starbucks is the place I go to in Paris. You can also get a iced cup of coffee at Starbucks in Paris.