CelebHomes – What would you say to CelebHomes? Arthur fan who feels that their childhood is coming to a close with the end of the series?

MB: I want to step into the character of the Soup Nazi from SeinfeldYou can say “No more shows” We’ve actually done over 600 stories and specials. These will continue to air on PBS for many years. It was decided that we would not do any more programming, and instead, explore new media, technologies, and media developments since the beginning. That’s where we will be focusing our efforts next. Seek out new methods to reach children.

CelebHomes: What is the secret?

MB: It’s great that animated videos can be made for public service. A few of these were about voting. It was difficult for children to grasp the implications of voting after this year’s presidential election. A wonderful segment on understanding and racism was done by us. This was the result of a meeting. John LewisHe met me years ago in Washington at a book signing. He said yes to being a guest star. ArthurTo create a program for children about being strong for what you believe is right. This is one of my favourite moments with all of the guest stars we have had.

Some of our guests have been amazing. Fred RogersOur second guest star was he, who became our friend.