Are you having trouble finding paradise? It’s not too late!

Some fans wondered if Bachelor Nation was still alive on Jan. 18. Pieper JamesWas suddenly dating an actor Brandon Micheal HallAfter the photo was taken, they were photographed outside Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

The duo was all smiles as Brandon wrapped his left arm around the reality star and posed for a photo. But before romance rumors start, CelebHomes News has exclusively learned that Nothing—and we mean nothing—is going on between these two. 

Pieper said that Pieper is a Brendan MoraisAfter a long and difficult time, you can still be happy together. Bachelor in Paradise.

Pieper, who exclusively spoke to CelebHomes News Jan. 19, said that Brandon and she are still very close. I met Brandon for the first-time in a suite last night. He left the suite at the exact same time that I did. He was friendly and it was a great show.

She shared the sentiment on Instagram Stories, where she uploaded a photo of herself with him. Remember how I said to Brendan that I had just begun watching? Search Party?” She wrote.