Your favorite stars are about to put the CelebHomes in peak TV.

On May 11, the network announced plans for multiple new shows (and six new original scripted romantic comedy movies!) These include Black PopThe executive series ‘, which is a multi-part and archive-rich series, was produced by Stephen Curry. The Premiere in 2023 Black PopWe will be exploring how Black Americans influence and shape culture through comedy, film, television and music.

Next year, it is also planned. Anthony Anderson and mom: European vacationThis will allow you to see. Anthony AndersonTreat his mother, DorisYou will be taken on the most memorable trip through Europe. Naturally, hijinks and hilarity will ensue (who could forget how hilarious the duo was on Celebrity Game Face?These moments will be unforgettable and heartwarming for both mother and son. 

Anderson will star on the series as Anderson, and also produce it. Todd ChrisleyThis is Chrisley Knows BestFamous people will do the same for you in an identical fashion. Love LimoCelebHomes premieres their own dating series, titled. He’ll guide singles who aren’t in love on speed dating sessions that lead to the meeting of their dreams.