Angelyne tells Angelyne that her high school yearbook photo shows she was born to Holocaust survivors from Poland in 1950. Angelyne told Inside EditionThe photo was not taken by her. She threatened to end their interview if they attempted to find out more details about the photograph.

CelebHomes News received an exclusive statement from UCP and Peacock, insisting that the producers of the show are committed to ensuring viewers have a great experience. Angelyneis supposed to be a celebration its subject.

According to the statement, “This series has honored the legacy and legend of Angelyne” since the beginning. Emmy Rossum, along with the producers, were the best advocates to celebrate her. They approached storytelling with respect, love and admiration. Angelyne was a great addition to our creative team and we are proud of the show.

Angelyne’s disgust at the series IsRossum was also curious about her, as they had met four hours earlier to film. 

Rossum stated that she just spoke to Rossum from her heart, telling CelebHomes News how moved she finds her life, her power and how unique she is. Daily PopTheir meeting was described as “What an amazing renegade” and she expressed her admiration for me.