Where? Just like that…It was officially announced January 1st and was then confirmed.Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davies and Cynthia NixonTheir characters would be reprised as Carrie Bradshaw (Charlotte York Goldenblatt), Miranda Hobbes (Miranda Hobbes), respectively. Michael Patrick King, the original series’ executive producer is back. SATC“The next chapter.” 

M.I.A.? Kim CattrallThe fourth member of the quartet was played by a fan favorite, Samantha Jones. Given that Cattrall has famously feuded with Parker and ruled out a return for a potential third film, it wasn’t too surprising to see her sit this series out, but it did leave fans to wonder if Samantha would be replaced.

Parker stated on Instagram that Samantha is not part of the story. But she will remain part of our lives. It doesn’t matter where or what we do.

She was not the only one to weigh in on this topic.

It’s not as simple as it seems. Parker said that they are not seeking to make a fourth character when Parker was asked by a cameraman if they had started the hunt for another cast member for the series.

Elle added that New York City was a fourth character. We’re looking forward to meeting many new interesting characters.”