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It is not uncommon for students to be very busy returning to school, but parents may also find the process stressful. It takes a lot to prepare, shop, and worry for a new school year. Olympian Allyson FelixCamryn will be starting Pre-K in the new year, and Allyson is trying her best. CelebHomes spoke with her, explaining that there is so much to do when your children are away from you. She is my priority and I will do all I can to help her. 

Clorox products are what Allyson uses. She has been using Clorox for years but now has an even greater love for the brand as a parent. Her response was, “None mom can afford to get sick with the flu or cold. All of my cleaning habits were amplified by my daughter starting pre-K.” Her daughter has been to pre-school before, and she feels that the children always have something. That’s why I try to think of what I can do to help.

Allyson said, “It’s all about making sure that we disinfect everything, all of it, things I hadn’t thought about before.” The athlete teamed up with Clorox for the brand’s Unstoppable Moms campaign, encouraging parents to use Clorox products and resources to maintain a clean, safe environment and set an example for their kids.